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Temporary Sound Barrier Fence

    Material:Galvanized sheet, Aluminum alloyPayment
    Shipping:Sea transport, Air freight, Railway, Truck

    Service:Sample, Customized, Drawing

    Certificate:CE, ISO, TUV, SGS, BV, etc

    Application:Building construction noise, Urban area,etc.

Temporary noise barrier for roads and rail traffic

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If you are expecting a temporary increase in noise your community, though, our temporary noise barrier may be the ideal proactive solution.  Just like all our sound barriers, they are lightweight, durable, and effective at killing sound. Their mobile and temporary nature translates into flexibility and cost savings. They can be used for as long as necessary and be moved from site to site as needed.


JINBIAO temporary noise barrier for roads and rail traffic are made of aluminum or galvanized metal and fulfill eco-friendly natural plant fiber. The panels range from one-sided to double-sided highly absorbing quality and are also available in transparent design. The high quality and UV-resistant powder coating gives an appealing appearance to the JINBIAO sound barrier walls for roads and rail traffic.

Advantages of the JINBIAO – System:
Easy installation, no maintenance, reasonable prices and high flexibility.


Highly efficient sound proofing at fair prices
JINBIAO sound proofing panels for road and industry

An important advantage of the JINBIAO design is the fact that the panels are made of aluminum. They are self-supporting and therefore don’t need an additional frame. This has a positive impact in the pricing.
A double-sided EPDM-sealing provides continuous sound proofing. And every individual panel can be exchanged and replaced without any problems if damage should occur.


Also transparent panels are possible

The system street and Rail T1-K does not only guarantee high sound absorption, but it also provides excellent views due to its transparency. Embedded polyamide threads offer a maximum safety standard and are mainly applied for sound barrier walls on bridges in case of need.
Glass panels can be integrated either as a complete wall or as an individual section between the aluminum panels.
Your design concepts for sound barrier walls for road and rail are unlimited!

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Temporary Noise Barrier

  • Material: 

1. Metal type: Galvanized metal sheet, aluminum sheet.

     Appearance: shutter type, punching type.

    Colors: Clear, lake blue, green, blue, opal, brown, silvery gray, red(Other color can be ordered according to you request 
 2. Transparent sheet: PC, PMMA


  • Temporary Noise Barrier Size: 

Temporary Noise Barrier panel thickness: 30-80mm
Temporary Noise Barrier size: 2000x500x33mm, 2500x500x50mm etc.
Temporary Noise Barrier metal plate thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
Temporary Noise Barrier flange plate: 250x250x10, 300x300x10 etc.


  • Temporary Noise Barrier



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Which type do you interest? Contact us! Or we recommend the noise barrier most suitable to you.

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