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What kind of sound barrier can reduce the noise to the specified range

Aug. 28, 2023

Many factories in the environmental impact assessment because the noise can not pass, will be received by adding a sound barrier to reduce the noise to the prescribed range, or viaducts, expressways around the residential community, the transmission of vehicle noise should be controlled; What kind of sound barrier can reduce the noise to the specified range?

First of all, if the factory has the strength to find a design institute to design a sound barrier; The installation of sound barriers on viaducts and expressways must have the drawings designed by the design institute; Although the procurement cost of the sound barrier designed by the design institute is relatively high, it is also a way to ensure the best effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.

Then, it is to find a strong, not fake sound barrier manufacturers, regardless of whether there is a design institute design drawings, if the production of sound barrier manufacturers cut corners, then such a sound barrier noise reduction effect is certainly not good, this point we should pay attention to, there are not many such manufacturers.

The screen body of the sound barrier adopts galvanized plate or aluminum alloy plate, which can play the role of sound insulation; The inner part of the screen will be filled with absorbent cotton. After the noise passes through the screen body, the absorbent cotton will play a sound-absorbing role. Under the double action, the noise will be reduced to the specified range. The material used in each component of the sound barrier can not be cut corners, otherwise it will either affect the sound insulation and noise reduction effect, or affect the use time.

Hebei Jinbiao Building Materials entered the sound barrier production industry in 2008, is Hebei Hengshui area, one of the earliest manufacturers began to engage in noise barriers, whether from the production strength, or brand influence, we are ranked in the top in the country; Up to now, large and small factories, highways, viaducts and other hundreds of users; As long as you want to explore, there are projects around the country for everyone to explore.

The types of sound barriers provided by Gold Standard Building materials that can reduce the noise to the specified range include: all-metal sound barriers, compound sound barriers, fully enclosed sound barriers, curved sound barriers, microporous sound barriers, soundproof rooms, louver sound barriers, etc. Each kind of sound barrier can be installed drawing production, can also be installed construction.

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