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Wire mesh fence introduction

Mar. 31, 2021

Fences is also called a protective net. Mainly divided into: garden fence, railway fence, bridge fence, highway fence, sports fence, airport fence, etc. (extremely versatile). According to the type, it is further divided into: frame fence net, triangle bent fence net, bilateral wire fence net, double-circle fence net, wave-shaped fence net, stadium fence net, razor wire fence-fence net, barbed wire fence net, PVC coated fence Wire fence and so on (various types).

Bending fence

Dipping wire diameter: 5.0mm

Grid size: 50mm X 180mm

Column size: 48 mm X 2.5mm

Mesh size: 2.3m X 2.9m

Reinforcing ribs four grids: 50X50mm

Structure: It is welded with high-strength cold-drawn wire and low-carbon steel wire, then hydroformed, and fixed with a link attachment and steel pipe pillar.

Applicable occasions: closed railway network, living area fence, field fence, development zone isolation network, etc.

wire mesh fence

Bilateral wire fence

Common product specifications:

(1). Dipped wire: 3.5mm-8mm;

(2). Mesh hole: 60mm x 120mm double-sided wire around;

(3). Maximum size: 2300mm x 3000mm;

(4). Column: 48mm x 2mm steel pipe dipping treatment;

(5). Accessories: rain cap, connection card, anti-theft bolt;

(6). Connection mode: card connection.

Main markets: closed railway fences, closed highway fences, field fences, community fences, and various isolation fences.


Double circle fence

Mesh (mm): 75x150

Mesh (mm): 1800x3000

Mesh dipping (mm): 0.7-0.8

After plastic mesh (mm): 4.9

Column size (mm): 48x2x2200

Column spacing (mm): 3000

Column embedding (mm): 300-400

Embedded foundation (mm): 500x300x300 or 400 x400 x400

Product advantages: good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy and quick installation.

3d panels fence

Razor Wire Fence

Mesh wire: high quality steel wire.

Blade: galvanized steel sheet.

Process: hot-dip galvanizing-stamping.

Model number: BTO-22 (other models can be customized).

Roll diameter specifications: 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, 45cm, 55cm, 60cm, etc.


Countries around the world have widely used razor wire nets in military powerhouses, prisons, government agencies, banks; living quarters, private houses, villas, doors and windows, highways, railroad guardrails, borders and other protection and security.

Barbed wire

Airport fence

The airport fence is also known as the "Y-shaped security defensive fence". It is composed of a V-shaped bracket column, a reinforced welded sheet net, a security anti-theft connector and a hot-dip galvanized blade cage with a high level of strength and security defense. Now it is widely used in high security places such as airports and military bases. Note: If razor wire and razor wire are added to the top of the airport fence, the safety protection performance will be well enhanced. It adopts anti-corrosion forms such as electroplating, hot-dipping, spraying, dipping, etc. It has good anti-aging, sun-proof and weather-proof characteristics. Its products are beautiful in appearance and diverse in colors, which not only play the role of fence, but also beautify. Due to its high security and good anti-climbing ability, the mesh connection method adopts special SBS fasteners to effectively prevent man-made destructive disassembly. Four horizontal bending stiffeners significantly increase the strength of the mesh surface.


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