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Without knowing the specifications and dimensions, how should we choose the sound insulation barrier?

Apr. 24, 2020

How to choose the sound insulation barrier without knowing the specifications? When we are looking for a sound insulation barrier manufacturer to provide us with a quotation, we must first know the specifications of the sound insulation barrier in order to accurately calculate the price of this type of sound insulation barrier. So if we do n’t know the specifications in the early stage, how should we choose the specifications that fit the project?

noise barrier (4)

1. Metal sound barrier

If it is used in expressway projects, there will generally be drawings from the design institute, and the price can be calculated directly based on the drawings. If the number is small and there are no drawings, then we have to design the plan according to the site conditions. The thickness of the general metal sheet is 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and we generally can use .8mm for low requirements, and 1.0mm or 1.2mm for high-speed projects.

2. Transparent sound barrier

Transparent sound barriers are gradually welcomed by municipal projects. It is used in combination with a metal sound insulation barrier, which not only has good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, but also has a beautiful appearance and generous, which is also helpful for the urban road landscape design. The transparent sound insulation barrier is also divided into laminated glass, pc board, and acrylic. Among them, the commonly used laminated glass is 5mm + 5mm thick; PC board has 4mm-20mm, commonly used 6mm; acrylic board 8mm-20mm. The above can be customized according to specific requirements.

The higher the thickness of the sheet, the better the sound insulation effect, but we do not have to pursue particularly low noise decibels, as long as it meets environmental protection standards and does not affect the normal life of the surrounding residents, otherwise it will only increase the cost for no reason.

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