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One minute teaches you how to distinguish the quality of the sound barrier

Jun. 19, 2019

Temporary Sound Barrier Fence (17)

     The economy has gradually developed, and more and more people live in the city, and the city has gradually become a gathering center for various activities. People buy a car cover factory, and various machines operate, which will produce some noise. Speaking of noise, we are certainly no stranger, and we will hear more or less. There is a product called noise barrier for noise, and the sound insulation effect is good. So how do you tell if the quality of the sound barrier is good or bad?
     First, let's get to know the sound barrier. The sound barrier is a "wall" that is internally filled with sound-absorbing cotton and punched with surface sheets. Commonly used sheets are metal sheets, and there are also transparent sheets used in combination, such as acrylic sheets, PC boards, and the like. As long as it is a product, there are many good and bad factors that affect the quality of the sound barrier.


     1. Observe the color of the sound barrier. Because the processing of the sound    barrier sheet should be degreased and then dip-treated. If the surface stains  are not well removed, the spray color will be uneven, which will affect the  appearance and quality.
     2. Inspect the surface plastic powder adhesion.
     3. Disassemble the screen and check the filling of the internal sound insulation cotton. The good filling is to make the cotton surface neat and smooth, and   wrap the water cloth outside, so that the filling is dense and wrinkle-free. The soundproof cotton inside the screen is not filled with mess, no tarpaulin, and it        is obviously messy.
     4. Look at the soundboard performance

    This may have to pass the test to get a certain sound absorption capability. For example, the sound absorbing panel can absorb how many decibels of noise, using mechanical imitation or field operation to obtain the performance index of the sound absorbing panel, in addition to the fire function index, sound insulation function index, moisture resistance function index and the like.In addition, the most important point is that when choosing a sound barrier, the season and climate are also a factor we need to consider, because the climate difference between the south and the north is relatively large, such as the wind speed in the north is relatively high, and the weather is relatively cold. The choice and installation of the sound barrier is especially important.

  The above is about the way to distinguish the sound barrier. As long as you pay attention to it, you can find that the sound barrier is widely used and is common in our lives. Found noise early processing.

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