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Noise reduction principle of sound barrier

Mar. 21, 2022


In recent years, sound barriers have attracted more and more attention. Many sites such as highways, railways and viaducts have been installed with sound barriers. how does the sound barrier reduce the noise? Today, let's study together.

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When the sound wave propagating in the air meets the sound barrier, it will produce reflection, transmission and diffraction. A part of it crosses the top of the sound barrier and diffracts to the sound receiving point; Some penetrate the sound barrier to reach the sound receiving point, and some reflect on the wall of the sound barrier.

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The insertion loss of sound barrier mainly depends on the sound energy distribution of the sound wave emitted by the sound source along the three roads. The function of sound barrier is to block the propagation of direct sound, isolate the transmitted sound, and make the diffraction sound attenuated enough. When the sound wave hits the wall of the sound barrier, diffraction will occur at the edge of the sound barrier, and a "sound shadow area" will be formed behind the barrier. The noise reduction effect of the sound barrier we expect is within the range of "sound shadow area".

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Compared with the light shadow area, because the wavelength of sound wave is much longer than that of light wave, the boundary of this "sound shadow area" is not obvious. The range to which the sound wave from the sound source can reach directly beyond the edge of the barrier is called "bright area". There is also a small "transition zone" from the bright area to the sound and shadow area. The noise level in the "sound shadow area" is lower than that without sound barrier, which is the basic principle of noise reduction of sound barrier.

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